What qualities distinguish a good healthcare provider?

What is healthcare? Healthcare is an organized method of providing care and services for the maintenance of good health. There are healthcare providers along with professionals from various fields who are linked to the healthcare industrylike pharmacists, nurses, psychologists, dentists, and pathologists who provide specialized services. It is a fact that the social and economic condition of a country greatly influence the healthcare services that they provide. There are three different kinds of healthcare:

Primary healthcare: primary healthcare is all about health equity that produces social policy to support healthcare beyond the traditional healthcare system. Primary healthcare services are rising in both developed and developing nations.

Secondary healthcare: secondary healthcare is given by medical specialists like urologists and radiologists who are not directly connected with the patient. The patient requires a primary healthcare professionals referral in order to approach a secondary healthcare professional.

Tertiary healthcare: tertiary healthcare is also known as a specialized and consultative form of healthcare. This type of healthcare is usually provided to inpatients on the recommendation from primary and secondary healthcare professionals.

This a hierarchy that is followed in the healthcare system.

Importance of healthcare in modern society

Leading a healthy life is an idea that is alien to the present generation. Healthy living is lost in the oblivion. There is no doubt that the present generation lives in tremendous amount of work pressure, due to which a healthy life with a good dose of physical activities (like jogging and exercise) is a farfetched idea. This sedentary lifestyle has an adverse effect on the health. Diseases like heart diseases, cancer and even psychological problems like depression and amnesia are common these days. Chronic problems like thyroid and diabetes are a common problem in every household.

As per the saying, prevention is always better than cure. Tthe World Health Organization (WHO) has reported that in the western countries of the world there has been a commendable decrease in occurrence of chronic diseases due to the availability of regular health checkups provided by healthcare providers. People from thirty to sixty five, among the working class, seem to be most affected by the diseases that are caused by leading an unhealthy lifestyle. It should be a practice in every country that women from the age of forty and men from the age of thirty five should make it a habit to go to for health checkups every month.

Qualities of a good healthcare provider

Healthcare services are an absolute necessity and crucial for ones wellbeing. Hence it is very important to know who you are going to for a quality healthcare services, who will not treat your health and body as a consumer products from which they can derive profit. Here is a list of qualities that that you shall find in any good healthcare provider:

A united staff who is all set to collaborate and help you: a good healthcare provider will have staff from varied fields who are skilled in providing both conventional and complementary health services. This set of staff should be united and collaborate with each other so that there is no gap in communication that might affect your wellbeing.

Quality and competence: the staff should maintain a certain level of quality and should be skilled and competent to provide services to different kinds of patients. If they lack in some skills they should be brought up to quality through proper training.

Good infrastructure: amenities play a big role. The healthcare provider must have state of the art equipment for both diagnosis and treatment in order to give the patients the best healing experience. For example having

the latest audiometry equipment to test for hearing loss is definitely a factor that patients with hearing loss consider important.