How reconstructive hand surgery can improve your life

How reconstructive hand surgery can improve your life

The hands are one of the most important parts of the body, since they are critical to how we interact with our surroundings. They communicate gestures in our conversations, allow us to take action, and bring us comfort through touch. If you are struggling with problems in your hands, it can feel overwhelming and discouraging. Reconstructive hand surgery has been proven to help individuals regain their mobility, and reduce any limitations they may currently be experiencing. Hand surgery can also provide a wealth of benefits to the recipient.

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Restore functionality – With full use of your hands, nearly every activity in your life will seem easier. Everyday activities from brushing your teeth and hair to making food become less frustrating. It can also help you rediscover an appreciation for your fully functioning extremities.

Advanced agility in the fingers – Whether it is typing on a keyboard, playing an instrument, or sorting your favourite foods, finger dexterity is helpful in performing simple tasks. An increase in finger mobility will help you accomplish these daily tasks more efficiently, so you can spend your free time doing the things you love.

Alleviate pain – Modern research has drawn new attention to pain levels, finding that those who suffer from constant pain have a harder time enjoying life and may be prone to depression. Surgery can reduce, and sometimes even eliminate pain in the joints within the hand, fingers, and wrists.

Enhanced senses – The sense of touch has powerful effects on the brain, with different textures eliciting various emotions and memories. A warm, soft blanket can be extremely comforting, and experiencing a new texture can be a momentous occasion. Having a more keen sense of touch can help you find the buttons on the remote or your shirt with ease.

Stronger nerve signalling – Many patients suffer from an uncontrollable tingling in their hands that can be distracting and uncomfortable. Reconstructive hand surgery can repair these neurological signals, and reduce numbness in the hands.

Allow you to participate – Because the hands are so vital to interacting with other objects, one of the worst parts about losing mobility in the hands is not being able to participate in the activities you love. Hand surgery can help you quickly return to playing with your children or grandchildren, gripping the steering wheel, and swinging a golf club.

Instill confidence – Our hands are part of our appearance, and sometimes patients feel embarrassed about their hands. The condition of your hands is out of your control, but that doesn’t always stop you from feeling insecure about their appearance. An important part of surgery is aligning the fingers with the hand so that you can wave hello with confidence.

Increased hand strength – Repairing damage to the hands can improve strength, and allow you to better grip and handle objects with confidence. You won?t have to worry about dropping the dishes in the sink or losing your grip while throwing a football. After reconstructive hand surgery, all of your daily tasks can be done with ease.

You may have been living with this condition for some time, and you may not even realise what an impairment your hands have become. The discomfort of having to live and work without the use of your hands can create a feeling of depression and frustration. Post hand surgery, you will likely feel a new sense of peace and wellbeing equipped with the knowledge that you are now able to perform regular tasks without pain and suffering.